Omni Custom Homes Offers

Robert Pratel, President of Omni Custom Homes, has been building and renovating homes in and around Houston for over 15 years.   Recognized as a top tier General Contractor, Omni has built its reputation by producing high quality homes and renovation projects. Omni’s highest priority is working to ensure satisfied customers.


Attention to detail

Whether you are building a new home or renovating your existing home, Omni will personally oversee your project with the utmost care and attention.  Omni’s President, Robert Pratel will perform regular site visits and is responsible for customer communication and plan reviews. 



Omni will staff each project from start to completion with an experienced construction superintendant and highly qualified subcontractors to ensure each task is done correctly and in compliance with the plans and specifications. We communicate with the owner and architect to ensure the result is an outstanding product. We strive to provide complete satisfaction in what is undoubtedly your most important of personal asset, your home. 


Turnkey service

Omni can provide complete general contracting service from the planning phase, through the construction and the move in.